SACB President's Message

Welcome to the Singapore Association of Clinical Biochemists (SACB) website. The SACB is a long-standing professional society with a thirty-year history in the development of the discipline of biochemistry as applied in health and disease. The SACB is a member of similar organizations - the Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB) and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC).

As President, I am grateful that the SACB is fortunate to have dedicated, energetic, and creative council members who have, time and again, demonstrated their willingness to devote much precious time and effort towards keeping the Society thriving.

The council has maintained the activities of the SACB on a modest budget and an important credo of SACB is to provide effective continual medical education (CME) at registration rates which are well below average market rates.

The SACB is involved in a range of activities and what the Society is particularly proud of is the regular 10-week education programme which has been continued every year because of overwhelming demand and extremely positive feedback.

We have traditionally opened our Annual Scientific/General Meeting (ASM/AGM), at a nominal rate despite providing a full-day’s worth of high-level scientific presentations, good food and net-working opportunities, all in a hotel environment.

The main reason why the SACB is able to consistently organize our activities at affordable registration rates is because of our corporate members, who have indeed become our trusted partners in clinical diagnostics and in professional development of our laboratory staff. I would like to register and acknowledge their valuable contributions.

I thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will have a rewarding time browsing through the contents. If you are able, do consider joining the society and actively participate in the activities of the SACB.

Best wishes,

Sunil Sethi, President